Speaking Topics


Introducing my new workshop and retreat topic available now in 2017!

Infuse! Add God's flavor to what you're already doing
Spiritual disciplines, such as prayer, Bible study, and worship, can feel like a soul-draining to-do list. Learn how you can incorporate sustainable spiritual practices into 7 everyday-life categories: God Life, Home Life, Ministry Life, Physical Life, Recreational Life, Social Life and Work Life--leaving you refreshed and a refreshment to others.

The following popular topics are available for your next workshop, conference, seminar or retreat. If you have another theme, please contact me at rstuhlmiller@gmail.com. I especially enjoy partnering with God to create a unique message for your event!

Redesign Your HomeMaking: Create Room To Love God and Love People 
Christian women want to spend time growing in their love relationship with Jesus. They want to develop and use their God-given gifts to impact their family, church, community, and world for Him. But often, they are overwhelmed and distracted with their role as a homemaker. The Bible tells us that we are to be the makers of our home, but it also says that life is not about clothes and food. This practical home organization and time-management plan is designed to help Christian women not only take good care of their home, but more importantly, live out the two commandments of Jesus. (available in several timeframes)

New Every Morning
Are you stressed out? Do you feel overwhelmed? Is your calendar crammed and your schedule too full? Are there never enough hours in the day to get everything done that you want (and need) to get done? "In the beginning” God had a lot to do too -- in fact, a whole world (and the heavens!) to create. But He didn't panic. He didn't fret. And even though He could've created everything in an instant, He didn't. He did what needed to be done each day and gave us a pattern for living. In this practical workshop, learn how intentional time management partnered with God’s priorities will lead you to a productive and peaceful life.

Room Service: Use your hobbies to impact your family, church, community and world
Not sure how your everyday hobbies and passions could be used to love God and others? Well, do you love to bake or cook? Start a cooking co-op for young moms. Love sports and exercise? Prayer walk in your neighborhood or coach a church softball team. Whatever your passion, you can use it do a zillion different things to (1) connect with other women, and (2) reach out to others.

How To Speak When You're NOT a Speaker
Has God given you a message to share, but you're NOT a speaker? This 1-or-2 part workshop contains both biblical and practical teaching from someone who was NOT a speaker. Learn how to prepare for and market your speaking ministry and how to develop an effective message.

Tell Me the New, Old Story
Do you find the Old Testament hard to understand? Boring? Even irrelevant to your life in the 21st century? I did -- until I followed study suggestions by R.C. Sproul and Paul Benware. Revolutionize your faith!

Give Yourself a Gift
Do you find yourself scrambling at the last minute to purchase, wrap, and send gifts and cards? Do you often overspend because you're pressed for time? Are holidays more of a chore than a joy? Learn how to take the stress out of gift-giving and holidays when you hear my top 10 ideas in this practical workshop.