Speaking Topics

For Women's Events

Redesign Your Home Life
Christian women want to grow deeper in their love-relationship with Jesus. They want to grow wider in service to their neighbor: impact their family, church, community and world for Him. But often they find their resources (time, money, energy) consumed by managing their home. Redesign Your Home Life is a highly practical and spiritually grounded home-management plan that shows every woman how to make the place where she lives into a warm, clean, and productive environment. But, more importantly, it teaches her how to work intentionally so she can create room to love God and love people. 

This topic is offered as a morning, afternoon, or evening session (1-2 hours); half- or one-day seminar (3-5 hours); or weekend retreat (3- or 4-sessions).

Redesign Your Life

When asked which was the greatest commandment, Jesus answered: love God and love people. How can we be sure that at the end of our life, we have fulfilled His commandments? In this biblical and practical message, women in your church will learn how to rearrange six categories of every-day life that will help them know at the end of the day, they have pursued loving God and loving people.

  • Redesign Your God Life: learn to practice intentionally habits that will draw you closer to God
  • Redesign Your Home Life: learn to manage simply the place where you live 
  • Redesign Your Ministry Life: learn to serve faithfully in the work God has given you
  • Redesign Your Physical Life: learn to thrive thankfully with your body, inside and out
  • Redesign Your Recreational Life: learn to enjoy thoroughly life-giving activities
  • Redesign Your Social Life: learn to live humbly with the people in your world

    This topic is offered as a half- or one-day seminar (3-5 hours); or as a weekend retreat (3- or 4-sessions).

Tell Me the New Old Story
Women are gobbling up Christian fiction at a phenomenal rate—stories of romance, mystery and miracles. And a little relaxation and escape isn't a bad thing! But did you know that by reading just eleven books of the Old Testament, you can go on a historical journey from the beginning to the end of Old Testament time? These books read like fiction—full of characters and action, plots and drama, and even some comedy—but they're true stories about people just like you! In this workshop, you will make friends, be encouraged, and learn a Bible-reading plan that will change the way you see your life in the timeline of God's story. 

This topic is offered as a one- or two-session workshop (1-2 hours).

If you have another topic in mind, let me know! I love to watch God create a message especially for you.

For Writer's Events

How to Speak When You're Not a Speaker
Some speakers will become writers, but all writers must eventually speak if they want to promote their books. Writers who attend this practical and interactive workshop (1 or 2 sessions) will learn how to: 
  • find an audience
  • build a platform
  • prepare an effective message
  • practice and present an engaging talk