Speaking Schedule

To book a speaking engagement, please contact me through Instagram @rebeccastuhlmiller or find me on Facebook (Rebecca Stuhlmiller).

3/20-21       Northwest Ministry Conference, Bellevue WA (via Zoom)

5/18            Northwest Church Women's Retreat (workshop)
5/2-6/30      Northwest Church Women's Bible Study


9/6-11/29   Northwest Church Life Ministry Institute, Federal Way WA
10/20         Missions Fest Seattle, Bellevue WA

2/11           Highline Christian Church Women's Conference, Burien WA
3/10           Our Savior Lutheran Church MOPS, Tacoma WA
3/14           Christ's Church MOPS, Federal Way WA
4/18           University Presbyterian MOPS, Seattle WA
10/4           Hillside EFC MOPS, Greenbank WA
10/6           Monroe MOPS, Monroe WA
10/14         Missions Fest Seattle, Seattle WA

4/23           MOPS Come Alive Leadership Training, Seattle WA
9/27           Christ Community Baptist Church MOPS, Puyallup WA
10/7           Harborview Fellowship MOPS, Gig Harbor WA
11/3           Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church MOPS, Gig Harbor WA

10/9           CIG Wien, Vienna, Austria
11/3           International Chapel of Vienna, Vienna, Austria

(There's a gap here because we moved overseas!)

1/8             Life Center (Life Group Leader Training), Spokane WA
1/10           Spokane Valley Nazarene MOPS, Spokane WA
3/16-17      Inland Northwest Christian Writers Conference, Spokane WA
3/22-23      Northwest Christian Ministry Conference, Redmond WA
4/18           Coquille Church of the Nazarene, Coquille OR (via Skype)
4/19           Life Center Adventures in Mothering, Spokane WA
8/26           Life Center (Life Group Leader Training), Spokane WA

1/16           Life Center, Spokane WA
2/15           Christian Camp and Conference Association Regional, CDA ID
3/19           Inland Northwest Christian Writers Conference, Spokane WA
4/7-8          Northwest Ministry Conference, Redmond WA
4/13           Life Center AIM, Spokane WA
5/22           Northwest Christian Writers Conference, Redmond WA
9/11           Life Center Life Group Leader Training, Spokane WA
10/5           Canyon View Church MOPS, Hamilton MT
10/10         Mothers of Multiples, Spokane WA
10/15         Oregon Christian Writers Conference, Portland OR

3/10           Shiloh Hills MOPS, Spokane WA
3/19-20      Northwest Ministry Conference, Redmond WA
4/9             First Baptist Church AIM, Colville WA
4/11           Life Center, Spokane WA
4/16           Curlew Community MOPS, Curlew WA
5/6             Evergreen Community Church MOPS, Bothell WA
5/8             Northwest Christian Writers Conference, Bothell WA
5/23           Life Center, Spokane WA
9/15           Life Center (Life Group Leader Training), Spokane WA
11/5,12      Anna Ogden Hall, Spokane WA


3/6-8         Columbia Community Church Retreat, Clearwater Lodge WA
3/27          Canyon Hills Community MOPS, Bothell WA
3/28          Northwest Ministry Conference, Redmond WA
4/14          Christian Life Center MOPS, Kellogg ID
4/17          Curlew Community MOPS, Curlew WA
4/22          East Renton AM MOPS, Renton WA
4/22          East Renton PM MOPS, Renton WA
4/25          Heritage Congregational Church Retreat, Mt. Spokane WA
5/5            Faith Assembly MOPS, Pasco WA
5/9            Suncrest Family Worship Center, Nine Mile Falls WA
8/16          Life Center, Spokane WA
10/31        Moody Aviation wives, Spokane WA
11/12        First Baptist Church MOPS, Biloxi MS
11/14        Bel-Aire Baptist Church, Gulfport MS
12/6          Life Center, Spokane WA

(2003-2008 events available upon request)