Tuesday, February 28, 2017

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So, let me ask you: What happens when we take something ordinary--water, oil, or tea--and add a handful of something flavorful and healthy? What happens when we take a slice of everyday life and boost it with a spiritual discipline, something that helps us grow in our relationship with Jesus and impact our family, church, community or world for Him?

I’m excited to introduce my brand new message available for your church’s next conference, seminar, or women’s retreat. It's called:

Infuse: Add God’s flavor to what you’re already doing

Infuse is a biblical, inspirational, and practical message that teaches people how to incorporate sustainable spiritual disciplines into 6 everyday-life categories.

  • Infuse Your God Life with Study 
  • Infuse Your Home Life with Simplicity
  • Infuse Your Ministry Life with Solitude 
  • Infuse Your Physical Life with Gratitude 
  • Infuse Your Recreational Life with Celebration 
  • Infuse Your Social Life with Silence

Infuse can be effectively shared as a 45-60 minute workshop, but is best enjoyed when allowed to steep in a half- or one-day conference, or at a full weekend retreat. The six Infuse sections can also be served as individual topical workshops to both men and women (except for Home Life and Physical Life - those are just for women). 

Please check out my SPEAKING TOPICS page and learn more about my ministry and if Infuse (or any other topic) would benefit the people of your church, I look forward to hearing from you! You can contact me at rstuhlmiller@gmail.com.

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