Redesign Your HomeMaking - the Book!

Last weekend I attended a writer's conference near Asheville, North Carolina. The only thing on my agenda: hopefully meeting the writing partner I apparently needed to get my speaking topic, Redesign Your HomeMaking: Creating Room to Love God and Love People into print.

I begged a ride from Raleigh, and my reluctance (or refusal or fear or laziness) to drive an unfamiliar rental car led to my meeting my writing partner! Then -- I arrived home to a welcome email: Harvest House, a major publisher located in Eugene, Oregon, gave me the thumbs-up. They're interested in seeing my proposal. I had this invitation two years ago, but I wasn't ready. I hadn't met Eddie. Yes, my partner and helper for the home management topic is a guy. This should be interesting.

Anyway, finally, after all these years, my speaking topic Redesign Your HomeMaking will become a book, either through Harvest House or another publisher, Lighthouse Publishers of the Carolinas.

If you've heard this talk, I'd love some new feedback. You can post it here, or email me, or Facebook message me. What stuck with you? What worked? What didn't? What problems are you still facing in caring for your home so that you are freed up to spend more time with Jesus and then have more resources, like time, money, and developed talents to go out and love others?


  1. Rebecca, this is great news!! I am so happy for you and am anxious to see the finial result. There were several things that I remember from Redesigning Your Homemaking but the one that has stayed with me the most..(not sure if it's in the book or not)...was when you looked in my kitchen and asked me when was the last time I used my Soup Turene? It really made me stop and think why is it in the cabinet when I never use it? I'll have you is no longer in that cabinet. It and a bunch of other items found their way to the closest Good Will store. Now on to the next room! Thanks for your help in pointing out the obvious.

    B. Koontz
    Issaquah, WA

  2. Beth, I remember the soup turene comment ;) I haven't written the book yet but I'll mention you. You're wonderful! I hope your kids are doing well - and that you're still sharing your terrific talent with glass art.

  3. Since I'm your #1 Stalker...I mean #1 Fan...I should probably reply to this exciting news. The main thing that really stands out in my mind is...simplify the areas you don't enjoy around the house so you can focus and develop the areas God has gifted you to bless others. This has relieved a lot of guilt in my heart. I cannot be 100% excited and perfect at all areas in the home. I am, however, called to be a keeper of the home with passion and purpose. That doesn't mean that I have to be the best at everything. Also, the calendar planning was really helpful. I will totally buy your book, by the way!!!

  4. Dana - Thanks for your post, and thanks for reminding me of this point. I agree! We can't all be good at everything but for some reason we feel that pressure (and I don't blame Proverbs 31 because that's not what it means).

    Still struggling in the kitchen myself. Ugh! Will it ever get any easier??


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