Creative Serving

(Previously published in Jill Briscoe's Just Between Us magazine - Spring 2010)

Terms like equipping, missions, and spiritual gifts can be intimidating to a new believer. Why not, instead, encourage her to find her place in ministry by asking this fun question: "Which room in your home best represents your primary passions and talents?" Once she answers, suggest creative ways she can serve her family, church, community, and world. For example:

The Craft Room: Help a single mom redecorate a room in her home. Or grab a group of girlfriends, create a craft together, sell them, and then donate the proceeds to the needy.

The Dressing Room: Put on a fashion show for the girls in your church's youth group or organize a spa day for the women in a local shelter.

The Home Gym: Start an aerobics class at church and invite women in the neighborhood. Try raising funds for missionaries with a church-wide free-throw contest.

The Kitchen: Start a cooking co-op for the new brides in your church or cook for a downtown soup kitchen.

The Library: Read to the elderly in nursing homes or volunteer in your church library. Start a book club.

Other rooms can include The Front Porch (hospitality), and even The Garage, as one woman pointed out a a recent event where I was speaking. This ministry idea generates lots of laughter and excitement at retreats or mom's meetings.


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