All Together Now - Lift!

In Matthew 9:1-8 (and also Mark 2:1-12 and Luke 5:17-25), there's a story of four men who bring their lame friend to Jesus for healing. The place is crowded, so they haul him to the roof, remove some tiles and lower him down to Jesus. First, Jesus forgives the man's sins, then he heals his legs.

I love this story. Not because it shows who Jesus is, though it does. And not because it shows who the Pharisees are, though it does. And not even because a lame man is given a new heart and new legs, though he is.

I love it because four strong men work together to carry one weak friend to the Healer. And when Jesus sees their faith, He responds. "It wasn't the paralyzed man's faith that impressed Jesus, but the faith of his friends"

--> (Personal reflection) So who do you know that is weak? And what is your response? Do you carry him (or her) to Jesus, or criticize?