Buy Less, Give More

Recently I contacted a fellow writer and told her I'd just read one of her articles in an old issue of Discipleship Journal. She replied, "Which one?" I laughed and said, "Really, if someone told me they'd read my article, I wouldn't have to ask that question. I'd know all my publications!"

Well today I received an email from someone who read my devotional in today's Upper Room. And guess what? I totally forgot that it was being published today, probably because I have something far more important on my mind - like the fact that my daughter is getting married at 5pm! (More about that next time.)

But I thought I'd share it with you who don't read Upper Room since "someone" just asked me to write more often. :)

Honestly, I don't think the writing is that great, but hey! They published it and the message is good. So read on!


  1. Yey...I was hoping you would listen to my "gentle" prodding about writing more. If you didn't start writing more, I was thinking that I might have to find where you live and show up at your house so I can get my daily insights straight from your mouth. :-)

    P.S. I am totally kidding about stalking you at your house. :-)


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