Have I Got a Story for You

Sometimes God does something so amazing, so incredible, so astounding it leaves us completely in awe of Him even though we say we know He is capable. We know He loves us. We know He is at work in our lives. We know He orchestrates all things. But sometimes He does something that leaves us shaking our heads in astonishment.

Yesterday my daughter and her fiance were married at the county courthouse. It wasn't the setting she'd always dreamed of and definitely a new experience for our entire family. She looked beautiful, of course - like herself - with a bridal "do," French manicured nails, and a long brown and black floral dress. Tyler wore a new striped button-down shirt - and blue jeans, I think. (I guess I was focused on my bride.) The experience could've been sterile. Somber. Cold. Except that the judge who performed the ceremony was anything but.

Honorable Price opened our time together with relaxing humor, then warmly read their vows, and finished with carefully thought-out words of advice: don't try to change your spouse. He said that he had performed more divorces in the area than any other attorney (something he wasn't necessarily bragging about) and he wants to see marriages work. Elizabeth and I were so thankful for how he led their wedding. Both of us commented on how warm he was and that we each wanted to send him a thank you note. Honorable Price seemed very familiar to me, but I didn't know why - until this morning.

He was the attorney who handled my divorce in 1993. It was simple - no property - but he was so helpful and kind, I sent him a thank you note (snail mail). In response, he called my home and left a message saying no one had ever sent him a thank you note before and it meant a lot to him.

Amazing how God would use this man to once again be kind and sweet in what could've been a strange situation. I can't imagine the day having gone any better. Never, ever underestimate what God can do. I knew it was going to be a beautiful day - and God made it a stellar event!

(PS: Elizabeth and Tyler had a choice between two judges. They chose the higher priced one. In fact, he charged twice as much as a female judge. But they had "a feeling" he would be worth it. And he was.)


  1. Oh Rebecca I am so glad to hear that. When we heard it was going to be at the courthouse and not what Elizabeth had wanted I was a bit sad, not for the wedding but for her dream not to come to fruition. I am happy to hear it was so nice!

  2. That was from me, Annie, I don't have any of the things I guess to post a comment actually WITH my name :-)

  3. Thanks, Annie. It was just a beautiful day! Can't wait until Rachel's pictures are ready. The sky was blue, the leaves were gorgeous. Dinner at the Spaghetti Factory was wonderful. Perfect day!

  4. So glad it turned out so well. God's favor is a blessing we often take for granted. Your family was truly blessed yesterday.

  5. I love you guys! That is such a blessing from the Lord. Oh how He loves us, so.

  6. FABULOUS blog, Rebecca! Seriously. I think it's one of your best-written articles! It flowed, moved me, and was absolutely perfect! And what a wonderful testimony to the day, Beth's wedding, and God's hand in all of it. ~ Dawn Lilly


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