I only wanna be with You

Last week I went to Seattle. Thursday I taught Redesign Your HomeMaking at Evergreen Community Church in Bothell. What a welcoming bunch of ladies. Thanks to Amy and Jen for inviting me!! Then my friend Dawn and I went to Bellevue Square. Wow! Loved it! Loved Crate and Barrel (didn't buy anything), The Container Store (bought a tea holder), Fireworks (bought a travel bag), and the tea shop. (Funny ~ I'm not that big of a tea drinker, but it was good!) AND I loved the giant Chihuly glass sculpture hanging from the ceiling!!

Friday and Saturday I went the Northwest Christian Writers Renewal. It was my fourth year attending and my first year teaching. I met some wonderful people, hugged old friends, and learned a bit more about writing ~ and Jesus. And then I came home.

I came home... and faced the same old struggle: Do I try to "go for it" ~ pursue greater heights of writing and speaking ~ or do I simply worship Jesus and just follow Him, day by day, and pursue Him? This time, finally, the answer came much faster than ever before. In just a few hours, not a few days -- or weeks.

Here's the thing: I love pursuing Jesus more than I love pursuing ministry. Don't get me wrong. Ministry is the second commandment. I want to carry it out. I want to develop and use the gifts God has given me to love and serve my family, my church, my community, and my world. But I don't want it to get in the way of the first commandment: loving God with all...

My love relationship with Jesus is all that matters. And He tells me what to do -- when to "go for it" and when to wait on Him. I'm still tired -- so tired -- so maybe this post isn't profound or even for anyone but me. But I wanted to share it with you today.


  1. Actually, it is profound for me. I felt the same struggle after the wonderful dumping of instruction, encouragement and fellowship at the Conference. It is so easy to take what we gained and go ahead of the Lord. I loved your reminder this morning, and I am sorry our paths didn't cross at the Conference. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. I love you sister of mine! You are awesome!

  3. I find this topic at the top of my struggle list.....consistently! You know, some have their "bucket list", I have my "struggle list." I try to balance the gentle whisper of the Lord spoken of in I Kings 19, with the blasts of the world and I invariably have moments of confusion. Thank you for sharing your heart through your ministry. I would love to hear more....
    From Cincinnati...


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