His plan, His way, in His time

Have you ever thought you were sure of the way God was leading? You made plans and began to daydream and then -- Wham! -- the door slammed, and your dreams were dashed?

Back in 1995 I had that experience. I was sure God had led Jeff and I together. I had prayed (and prayed and prayed) and not manipulated the situation (for once). And I watched Him bring us together. And then, one day, it was over.

I was devastated! I was happy in one way; he and his wife were trying to reconcile. I knew this was the very best thing for his family, but for me, it was a great loss. But the bigger issue was, how can I be sure I even hear God? I had been so sure - and so wrong. It was the first time I really doubted my faith.

Well, five months later, the circumstances changed. We got back together and were married five months after that. God had been clear in His direction to me. I had heard Him. It's just that the timing wasn't what I had planned.

Right now, I'm feeling the same way. I was so sure He whispered something in my ear last fall. Now it seems like completely off the radar. But having gone through this before, my hopes aren't completely shattered...

Psalm 1:6 says: "The Lord knows the way of the righteous." He knows! He knows! What about you? Have you experienced something like this before? You were so sure and then - nothing. But then something(!!!) ~ in His time.


  1. Hi Rebecca~
    This is my first visit to your wonderful and inspiring blog and I've completely enjoyed reading so many of your recent and past posts.
    The Lord has really been working in my life to teach me about living more simply and learning to be content. I'm sad to say I'm not a quick learner but thankfully, I know He'll be patient with me. I found your blog through the news letter from Crown Financial Ministries and how timely it is! God certainly does have a plan.
    I'm sure I'll be back to visit more often for inspiration and motivation.
    May God continue to bless you in your ministry.


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