Morning by morning

For several years I've subscribed to Leadership Journal. When my new issue arrives, I eagerly turn to the article written by Gordon MacDonald. MacDonald is, and has been, a key spiritual guide for me.

In the latest issue, his article, "Your Most Important Conversation," talks about the importance of taking time to debrief with ourselves and God. In it, he shares a quote by William Wilberforce that I thought I'd share with you:

"In the calmness of the morning before the mind is heated and weary by the turmoil of the day, you have a season of unusual importance for communing with God and with yourself."

This is true. About 12 years I started spending time with Jesus from 6-7:30am. It is my sweetest time of the day and anchors me before my "mind is heated and weary." Toward evening, I begin to look forward for morning to come.

I wasn't always a morning person. But now, that precious time has made me a morning by morning (by morning) person.