Mothers of preschoolers need a break

When my children were young, I looked forward to Sunday mornings. The kiddos were lovingly cared for in the church nursery while I was fed spiritual food and got to have a break. Sometimes I had to work in the nursery because they were shorthanded, or the church had a policy that all parents should serve. On those Sundays, I felt like I might as well have stayed home.

Now that my kids are grown, I serve (along with my husband and daughter) two mornings a month in the Walker's room (12-24 months). I love those little ones, but mostly I love that their moms and dads get to have a break. But each Sunday, we seriously lack volunteers.

Our Pastor has asked for more help many times, but to no avail. I've been thinking about the power of testimony. Our church puts together awesome videos. So this morning I'm going to propose my idea to our Children's Pastor: a video with personal testimony and maybe a clip from the movie "The Pacifier" because last Sunday we had to work with the 2-year-olds instead and, seriously, I think they need to have Navy seals for that age! Whew! I was exhausted, but I got to go home to peaceful and quiet house, uninterrupted sleep, and a house that stays clean.

This post has two points: (1) If you are a parent of older kids, consider serving in your church nursery. Give the parents the break you valued when your kids were young. And (2) If God has put an idea into your mind - even if it means the possibility of filmng a video interview that will be shown to 4000 people - just do it!


  1. Rebecca, Thank you. This is so true. We started as foster parents when our biological children were still really young. I've been over-my-head in nursery duty for way too long. Seems like we babysit other peoples children 24/7 at home, and then go to church and babysit other peoples children.

    My husband and I were switching who got to attend church, but then we never got to listen and discuss the sermon together.

    It would truly be a gift to mother's and father's for someone to offer to do nursery duty so that parents can attend church together.


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