Meal Planning for the Hampered Chef

Last weekend at the ministry conference, I didn't have time to share my meal planning plan during one of my workshops, "Redesign Your HomeMaking." I mentioned that the key to our success in the kitchen is deciding whether we're a Pampered Chef (we love to cook and bake) or a Hampered Chef(we cook because we have to).

If you're a Pampered Chef - get creative, but make sure you're using this God-given passion to benefit others. But if you're a Hampered Chef, I encourage you to do as I've done: simplify your kitchen and meal planning so that you have time to develop your passions and skills in other areas. Don't get too creative. Don't make cooking an expensive [both time and money] hobby. Just get it done.

So here's my plan. Based on meat categories (for the most part), I have three favorite recipes for each, and it looks like this:

On Mondays, I cook with chicken: pot pie, slow cooker BBQ, and chicken 'n dumplings.
On Tuesdays, I cook with ground beef: meatloaf, tacos, upside down pizza
On Wednesdays: Papa Murphy's Herb Mediteranean Delite pizza
On Thursdays, I use pork or fish: salmon, shrimp 'n grits, pork chops
On Fridays, we have pasta: pesto tortellini, Mizithra cheese spaghetti, ravioli
On Saturdays, we have BBQ/salad (summer) or soup/salad (winter)
And on Sundays we usually eat leftovers.

The menu rotates every three weeks and, so far, no one has complained. So, are you a Pampered Chef or a Hampered Chef (like me)? And what's for dinner tonight?


  1. And Sunday night the Hampered Chefs in our house rest, and serve Leftover Buffet, always an interesting meal :-)

  2. Love your new this blog you! =]

  3. Dear Rebecca, I heard you speak to our MOPS group this morning and I was so blessed by your insights, composure, and excellence as a communicator. I've been devoting more time lately to envisioning who I want to be as I follow Christ, love my husband, serve my family, and minister to others. I don't want to just by a busy mom of two. I want to be an available mom to many. I'm seeing areas I need to simplify and reorganize my weekly tasks so there is more of me to devote to things that last. Your redesigned calendar was especially helpful. I had to check out your website to learn more! Thank you for sharing your meal plan! It got me thinking about how I can create a meal rotation that works with our family and the young people we often invite over for dinner. Having a sense of order and routine has given me confidence and freedom in raising my two little ones. I want to apply a flexible schedule to my cooking and cleaning so I can think about those areas less & be available to people more. Thank you for preparing your thoughts well and sharing them so effectively.
    -Amy Hanson, Bothell, WA

  4. Amy ~ I greatly appreciate your comment. Unfortunately, I don't know how to contact you except to comment on my own blog :)

    I so enjoyed my time at your MOPS group and being able to pass on what God has taught me. I felt refreshed when I left. Thanks for sharing how God spoke to you through me.


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