Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Planning for the Hampered Chef

Last weekend at the ministry conference, I didn't have time to share my meal planning plan during one of my workshops, "Redesign Your HomeMaking." I mentioned that the key to our success in the kitchen is deciding whether we're a Pampered Chef (we love to cook and bake) or a Hampered Chef(we cook because we have to).

If you're a Pampered Chef - get creative, but make sure you're using this God-given passion to benefit others. But if you're a Hampered Chef, I encourage you to do as I've done: simplify your kitchen and meal planning so that you have time to develop your passions and skills in other areas. Don't get too creative. Don't make cooking an expensive [both time and money] hobby. Just get it done.

So here's my plan. Based on meat categories (for the most part), I have three favorite recipes for each, and it looks like this:

On Mondays, I cook with chicken: pot pie, slow cooker BBQ, and chicken 'n dumplings.
On Tuesdays, I cook with ground beef: meatloaf, tacos, upside down pizza
On Wednesdays: Papa Murphy's Herb Mediteranean Delite pizza
On Thursdays, I use pork or fish: salmon, shrimp 'n grits, pork chops
On Fridays, we have pasta: pesto tortellini, Mizithra cheese spaghetti, ravioli
On Saturdays, we have BBQ/salad (summer) or soup/salad (winter)
And on Sundays we usually eat leftovers.

The menu rotates every three weeks and, so far, no one has complained. So, are you a Pampered Chef or a Hampered Chef (like me)? And what's for dinner tonight?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mothers of preschoolers need a break

When my children were young, I looked forward to Sunday mornings. The kiddos were lovingly cared for in the church nursery while I was fed spiritual food and got to have a break. Sometimes I had to work in the nursery because they were shorthanded, or the church had a policy that all parents should serve. On those Sundays, I felt like I might as well have stayed home.

Now that my kids are grown, I serve (along with my husband and daughter) two mornings a month in the Walker's room (12-24 months). I love those little ones, but mostly I love that their moms and dads get to have a break. But each Sunday, we seriously lack volunteers.

Our Pastor has asked for more help many times, but to no avail. I've been thinking about the power of testimony. Our church puts together awesome videos. So this morning I'm going to propose my idea to our Children's Pastor: a video with personal testimony and maybe a clip from the movie "The Pacifier" because last Sunday we had to work with the 2-year-olds instead and, seriously, I think they need to have Navy seals for that age! Whew! I was exhausted, but I got to go home to peaceful and quiet house, uninterrupted sleep, and a house that stays clean.

This post has two points: (1) If you are a parent of older kids, consider serving in your church nursery. Give the parents the break you valued when your kids were young. And (2) If God has put an idea into your mind - even if it means the possibility of filmng a video interview that will be shown to 4000 people - just do it!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Welcome to my new website!

Welcome - and thanks for stopping by my new website!

Take a look around and find out a little more about me, my family, and my ministry. You'll see why I do what I do, where I do what I do, and when I do what I do. And, you'll see what women are saying about it.

I hope that as you tour the site, it will be obvious that my greatest passion is for God's people to live in a passionate relationship with Him and then take that relationship and go out and impact their family, church, community, and world for Him!

"We are the trustees of our glorious individuality. No two of us are alike in this universe, and we have each been given unique kinds of gifts. There is something given us to do that no one else can do quite like we can. This glorious and God-imparted uniqueness should put zeal into our stewardship of life." (Calvin Miller/Into the Depths)

Hope to hear from you soon! ~ Rebecca
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